From the highland hills I left my clan
If you hang ‘round here you’ll be a wanted man
In no time flat, in these hills of Scotland

I stowed away on a ship one day
Rode the mast to earn my way
Left my past in the hills of Scotland

The ship docked in Galveston, found a job in the Texas sun
Punchin’ cows in the heat like this
makes me wish, for the hills of Scotland

I ride alone in these Texas hills
Nobody knows the way it feels
To be so far from the hills of Scotland

I take my turn and sing an old dirge
Night hawkin’ around the herd
That song takes me back to the hills of Scotland

The Goodnight trail is cold tonight, layin’ in the firelight
Dreamin’ of the one I left behind,
in the hills of Scotland

One night north of Abilene
The wind picked up the sky turned green
The lightin’ flashed the cattle did stampede

The night was thick with burnin’ hair
I swung up on that buckskin mare
She was stretchin’ out and headed for the lead

She picked up a dog hole and
I’m lyin’ in the prairie sand
Never will I see the hills of Scotland

I’m lyin in the Texas sand
I swear I hear an angel band
Piping me on in and now
I’m headed back to Scotland

Allen Christie and Matt Robertson
Oct. 2 2007