1. Big Dreams

From the recording Big Dreams

Allen Christie- Vocals, Guitar
Brad Perrin- Electric guitar
Riley Tubbs- Bass, harmony vocal
Mark Mascotte- Drums
Recorded at The Chicken Burrito Ranch, Leslieville AB
Mixed at Big Kid Studio, Cochrane AB
Mastered by Albert MacDonald


Big Dreams

Unchained this melody
Dance around a hardwood floor
Something like you've never seen before
In this two bit town
I've been traveling all around
These boots will never touch the ground
Them roots just won't go down
Big dreams in a nowhere town

I'll sing a song about a poison lover
Have a drink and maybe have another
But those prairie winds will blow
And I'll hit that open road
Take this pickup truck as far as it can go


I see you watching from across the bar
I'm picking tunes out of this old guitar
But I think it's safe to say
That this guitar and me
Are happy, laughing and picking and singing and being free.